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Retirement Planning

Through the years, Blue Sky Financial Partners has assisted countless clients in creating and growing their wealth, helping protect and perserve their life savings and planning for the distribution of life savings in the most tax efficient manner while living and at death. Our firm is family focused. Because of our strong client relationships, we are now helping our clients’ children and grandchildren begin to save for retirement

IRA Legacy Planning

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement and for your family’s future. IRA legacy planning gives you the ability to transfer money to your loved ones in the most tax efficient manner. IRA accounts are now some of the largest asset types that beneficiaries will inherit. Doesn’t it make sense to put a strategy in place that will provide an extra level of protection from taxes and leave a greater legacy for your family? A properly structured IRA may yield substantially more money paid out over the course of your beneficiary’s lifetime.

Wealth Accumulation

Because the market is so volatile, it has been our philosophy that the best way to make a lot of money is not to lose a lot of money. We leverage current economic and demographic shifts in order to create wealth for America’s families. Unique strategies are available for the informed and we’re here to make sure you know about them. Our firm teaches you what the wealthy already know.

401(K) Rollovers

During the life of your 401(k), your employer has given you a limited menu of investment options. Now that you are free to move your money, a 401(k) rollover will allow you to take control of your retirement savings. You can consolidate all of your retirement dollars into one place and make it easier to manage. At Blue Sky Financial Partners, we have a variety of investment options that will put you back in the pilot’s seat.